Up the Comfort Factor with RowingPad’s brand-new Soft ErgPad Line

RowingPad LLC has just introduced two new ErgPads designed for rowers who crave extra cushion on the erg seat. The 20MM Soft ErgPad (no longer available) and the 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip provide twice the comfort with a pairing of two layers of our soft-density high-performance foam.

This soft-soft twist on the classic RowingPad dual-density design, which features one firm layer of foam and one soft layer, provides that extra comfort factor many rowers crave during rowing machine workouts. In fact, these ergometer seat pads are so soft, your sitz bones will feel total relief (no comfort cutouts necessary)! As with all our products, these two latest rowing accessories are constructed from durable, high-quality polymer foam that can stand up to regular use and still provide incredible cushioning and protection.

Designed specifically for the erg seat, the solid 20MM Soft ErgPad addresses the drive and release positions of rowers with a short upper physique or overall short stature. The extra height can improve rowing geometry—for rowers of all shapes and sizes—helping rowers get their body weight in front of their hips for a more powerful drive. (Interested in more benefits of using an erg seat cushion? Read this post.)

The 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip is the ultimate training tool, featuring the new soft-soft density design along with a layer of our proprietary non-slip technology. Textured rubber grips the rowing machine seat for improved slip resistance—even when things get sweaty. The non-slip layer arrives separate from the 20MM pad. Simply follow the enclosed instructions to apply the peel-and-stick application directly to one side of the foam pad. (It’s quick and easy.)

Our pads are designed for rowers by rowers—with input from some of the sport’s most revered collegiate rowing coaches as well as professional and Olympic athletes. The Soft ErgPad line incorporates feedback from our wonderful customers and is actually the current erg butt pad of choice for our founder, Northeastern Men’s Rowing alum Victor Pisinski. We are delighted to provide yet another seat pad choice for indoor rowing enthusiasts and rowers who train regularly on the erg.

RowingPad designs, manufacturers, and distributes all of our products from our cozy corner of New Hampshire, right here in the USA. It is our mission to continue to provide the highest quality products and attentive customer service as we support the rowing community.