The 2020 RowingPad Holiday Gift Guide for Rowers

The 2020 RowingPad Holiday Gift Guide for Rowers

If you are searching for that perfect present for the rower in your life, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to gift giving, we are all-in on the “experiences” versus “stuff” trend. And what better experience is there than rowing down a beautiful waterway during peak fall? Or mastering your technique in the single as you tackle a new way to safely row? Or feeling that rush of endorphins as you set a new personal best on the ergometer? 

But experience can always be improved, and by that we mean: Made much comfier. More rewarding. And, in turn, more likely to evolve from a onetime thing to a way of life (#rowinglife). That’s what you’re giving when you gift a RowingPad boat or erg pad. Our pads are made of the highest quality foam and engineered specifically for rowers with input from some rowing’s most accomplished athletes and coaches.

Here we present the RowingPad gift guide for rowers, indoor rowing fans, and fitness buffs of all levels. And since you’re being so thoughtful…why not treat yourself to a new pad of your own?

20MM Erg Pad by RowingPad for the Long-Haul Erg Lover.

20MM ErgPad with Comfort Cutouts

For some people, there is no “erg season”—the ergometer is a year-round passion. In fact, they’re probably on the erg, racking up those meters for Concept2 Inc.’s 2020 Holiday Challenge right now. RowingPad’s 20MM ErgPad with Comfort Cutouts is specially designed to fit the ergometer seat and features relief holes to accommodate the sitz bones—a game-changer for long endurances pieces. (Note: The pad comes with plugs for the holes in place, so you can actually choose to use it with or without the cutouts, depending on the workout.) With dual-density layers, your recipient can flip it soft or firm side up, depending on how much give they like in the seat. 

Alternate product: 20MM ErgPad

Fairly sure your rower prefers a solid cushion? Shop our 20MM ErgPad, which comes without cutouts for a solid ride on the erg. 

30MM Boat Pad by RowingPad for the Rowing Veteran.

30MM Triple Decker ErgPad

As we age, our range of motion can decrease, and rhythms that were once second nature can suddenly start to feel out of whack. But that shouldn’t keep career athletes from enjoying their preferred form of exercise. Take it from RowingPad friend and rowing coach Larry Gluckman, who told us, “Recently, I noticed that my range of motion on the ergometer (seat-to-heel compression and effective body angle) was less than it had been in recent months. I began to experiment with trying different pad thicknesses, since my heels were in the lowest setting. The 30MM Triple-Decker ErgPad from RowingPad helped me restore that range of motion. The extra benefit was that it provided a little additional comfort on my bottom.”

Help the lifelong rower (or recent erg adopter) in your crew stay confident in his or her form and comfortable during workouts with our exclusive three layer—soft/medium/soft—laminated polymer foam 30MM Triple Decker ERGPad. There’s nothing else like it!

10MM Pad by RowingPad for the Junior Rower.

10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip

Congratulations! You have a future Olympic rower in your crew. (Right? Dream big, Mom and Dad!) If your young rower frequently complains about a sore rear from all that carbon fiber contact, a new boat pad is just the solution. With firm-density foam, comfort cutouts, and protective non-slip technology to keep the seat pad in place, practice will be a breeze come spring training time. Inflexibility is also very common in junior rowers, who are growing fast and furiously. A RowingPad 10MM Boat Pad can help increase their range of motion so they can overcome tightness in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back and row a longer, more complete stroke. Give them the competitive edge and a little TLC—a winning combo!

Alternate product: 20MM ErgPad

Many young rowers are spending a lot more time on the erg this year, which can spell major back pain. Why? Our bodies absorb some of the pressure from the hard ground when we work out on a rowing machine. Protect their spine with a technical-level foam seat cushion, like the 20MM ErgPad.

20MM Boat Pad with Anti-Slip by RowingPad for the Disproportionate Rower.

20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip

If your distinguishing family trait is long legs, short torso, chances are the rower in your life could use some assistance getting their body weight in front of their hips. Why is this important? A powerful drive depends on a rower’s ability to get their shoulders in front of the hips during the recovery, and for rowers with long legs, that can be a struggle. A RowingPad 20MM BoatPad gives just the right amount of boost to help perfect that geometry, with dual-density foam for comfort and preferred level of firmness. The non-slip add-on protects against slipping and skidding, even in wet conditions.  

A Personalized Pad

Does your rowing friend or family member wear club colors at all times…and carry a coordinating key chain, tumbler, and duffle bag? Take their rowing pride one level further with a personalized boat or erg pad! That’s right, you can now order a custom RowingPad seat cushion with the name, nickname, inspirational motto, or image of your choice emblazoned right on the front. Contact us with the details and we will help you place your order. 

Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On

If the rower on your list has already discovered the joy of RowingPad, you might still be able to surprise them! Our Non-Slip Collection features an upgrade for any RowingPad boat pad—the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On. This peel-and-stick application will improve a pad’s slip resistance, gripping the seat and protecting against skidding, even in wet conditions. Just maybe don’t actually “stuff” it…treat this baby with care.

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