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  • 10 Rowing Instagram Accounts We Love

    If the past seven or so months have taught us anything, it’s the power of social media platforms to keep us engaged in the things we feel passionate about. The disappointment we all initially felt about lost training partners and racing seasons has been greatly reduced precisely because it is a feeling shared among so many rowers—together this awesome community has decided to make the best of things. 

    As we all embraced the erg and home workouts and (oh so much!) hiking and, as summer and fall rolled around, singles sculling, Instagram has become a major force shaping our sport and encouraging us all to keep rowing however we can. Reminding us that something is better than nothing. That there is always room to improve. That virtual results count as much as live ones, and that we are downright lucky to witness so much beauty on our favorite waterways.  

    With that, the RowingPad crew would like to share some of the Instagram accounts we love. Some are inspirational, some informative, and some just full of the most stunning rowing photos. Follow along with us, and share your own favorites below.

    Great Bay Rowing (@greatbayrowing)

    RowingPad is based in Dover, New Hampshire, and right up the road is the boathouse where Great Bay Rowing sends its rowers of all ages out onto the Cocheco River. In different times, this is the home base for several of RowingPad’s rowing members. On Instagram, GBR celebrates each milestone for its rowers, as they begin a seasonal program and complete it, or move on to join collegiate rowing programs. The feed is playful and positive, and reminds us that rowing should be, above all, a fun endeavor. 

    Dartmouth Heavies (@dartmouth_heavies) and Dartmouth Women’s Rowing (@dartmouthrowing)

    Our New Hampshire collegiate rowing neighbors to the north share glimpses of their beautiful home course along the Connecticut River. We enjoy reading about the crew members and watching how the teams persevere despite the current challenge. Mostly we remember all the feels of those early morning training sessions.

    Gevvie Stone (@gevgevs)

    Our fellow New Englander and Boston’s hometown rowing champ has her sights on Tokyo 2021 as she seeks to add another Olympic medal to her collection. Her Instagram feed is full of beautiful images of the Charles and other racing venues around the world, as well as cheery snaps of her training, adventuring, and goofing around with fellow rowers and friends. Hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, sailing…Gevvie does it all with a big smile on her face. (And for the record, the fact that she’s a longtime supporter of RowingPad’s foam butt pads does not factor into our admiration for one of rowing’s best and brightest one bit!)

    Concept2 (@concept2inc)

    The rowing machine (and BikeErg, SkiErg, and oars) manufacturer needs no introduction. (Though, in our humble opinion, the RowErg is much improved with one of our compatible seat cushions…wink, wink.) For regular workout ideas, podcasts, virtual challenges, and the occasional interview with interesting rowing folks—and to think they were doing all this BEFORE Covid!—we turn to the Concept2 Insta feed.

    Rowing Strength (@rowing_strength)

    This account run by sports performance expert and author Blake Gourley (who also works with Science of Rowing, below) is full of helpful information about technique and physical performance. Looking to load up on excellent facts about strength training, mobility, and the geometry of your body while rowing? Dig through his older posts on Insta and the archives of his blog.

    Gentle Giant Rowing Club (@gentlegiantrowing)

    Based out of Somerville, Massachusetts, this active rowing club takes to the Mystic River from the Blessing of the Bay Boathouse. We first followed GGRC because of a personal connection (fellow Northeastern rowing alum and club supporter Larry O’Toole—see more from him in our “Praise” section), but its friendly captions, everyday updates about equipment maintenance and and beautiful images of practice time on the Mystic make us feel like we’re part of that club camaraderie, even from afar.

    Sculling Fool (@scullingfool)

    Have we mentioned how much we love our New England rowing roots? Yes? Well, here’s one last account that helps us feel sentimental about our long rowing heritage here in New Hampshire (where RowingPad was founded) and Boston (our founder, Victor Pisinski, is a Huskies rowing alum and many-time Head of the Charles participant). The Sculling Fool Instagram, run by photographer Igor Belakovskiy, is dedicated to rowing on the Charles, often accompanied by entertaining captions. We just can’t get enough of his excellent sunrise/sunset/full moon captures along that legendary river.

    Seize the Oar (@seizetheoar)

    This visionary organization was founded on the belief that: “Rowing transforms the body, spirit, and community.” Its mission is to expand opportunity so athletes of all abilities can partake in our wonderful sport. From hosting Global Para-Rowing Meetups to (in safer times) running inclusive programming in the Seattle area, the group, led by founder and head coach Tara Morgan, has made incredible strides in raising global awareness for inclusion, and Instagram is a great way to stay up to date on the efforts.

    Science of Rowing (@scienceofrowing)

    This account debuted this summer and is one of our most recent follows. The profile says, “Rigorous rowing research and practical applications for rowers and coaches of all levels,” and if that translates to “very technical” to you, you are 100% correct. But we are fascinated by the studies this group shares and the implications of their findings. Curious? Follow along with us and see how coaches and trainers are able to leverage these insights.

    RowingNews (@rowingnews)

    Of course we rely on our daily updates and regatta reports from World Rowing (@worldrowingofficial) and US Rowing (@usrowing), and we never miss the race galleries, quirky hacks, and features from (@row2k). But we always look for posts from the Instagram account of Rowing News magazine, which calls Hanover, New Hampshire, its home. For its coverage, its perspective, its heritage, its constancy—we count on the media outlet for fresh content and the full picture.

    So many great rowing accounts, so little…well, we all have a little more time to scroll, right? Which accounts are your favorite? Remember to follow RowingPad on Instagram (@rowingpad) for updates and promotions on our butt pads for boats and ergometers. Love our products? Let us know with #rowingpad.