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  • A Q&A with Bryan Fuller, Founder of Brookline’s Power Rowing Studio

    A Q&A with Bryan Fuller, Founder of Brookline’s Power Rowing Studio

    We have no shortage of gorgeous waterways in New England for outdoor rowing. But when it comes to indoor rowing options, the boutique studios (like our friends at EngineRm in New York Citythat have hit major cities around the country seem slow to find their way to our neck of the woods.

    That’s why we at RowingPad are thrilled about the arrival of Power Rowing to the indoor rowing scene. The Brookline, Massachusetts, studio opened in August 2017, offering low-impact, high-intensity classes taught exclusively by veteran rowing coaches and longtime rowers. The sleek, airy space features Concept2 machines framed by exposed-brick walls and plenty of windows.

    Rowing Changes Lives

    Founded by Bryan Fuller, a former Army veteran with a lifelong passion for fitness and a very interesting title under his belt (fastest American to row across the Atlantic!), Power Rowing embraces the transformative power of rowing, and working out in general, with a focus on becoming sustainably fit for life. This approach manifests itself through the full range of classes on offer, each designed to help participants build their strength and endurance and improve their form.

    And there’s one more exceptional rowing tool you’ll find at Power Rowing: RowingPad’s 30MM Triple Decker ERG Pads, which the studio offers for sale.

    Everything You Need to Know About Power Rowing

    We checked in with Bryan for the scoop on his indoor rowing studio and all it has to offer the rowing community.

    Q: What sort of people frequent the studio—rowing newbies, fitness buffs, seasoned on-water rowers?

    “We really have a mixed group of people that visit the studio. Some are as young as 9 and others as old as 74, sometimes sitting in the same class. The vast majority of our clients have never rowed on the water, and only a handful have ever used a rowing machine. A good number of our clients are attracted by the low impact or the challenge of rowing as they are recovering from an injury related to training for another sport.”

    Q: What class would you recommend for experienced on-water rowers?

    “I usually tell people to try our entry-level row first. It is a slow build with a lot of time spent on form. That is something we emphasize a lot here. Good form helps prevent injury, and it also maximizes one use of muscles.”

    Q: Tell us more about your instructors—their rowing knowledge must be an integral part of the workout experience.

    “All of our classes are taught by rowing coaches or longtime rowers, and in addition, the rowing machine is only for rowing [versus as an interval within a longer cardio or toning class]. Our instructors’ backgrounds vary from one who spent four years as a Yale rower to one who is the current coach of the Northeastern heavyweight men’s crew to one who is training for the Olympics. All of them have competed in rowing and have been rowing for several years—in fact, many are still competing.”

    Q: In your experience, how can a rowing cushion help a rower?

    “Rowing can cause a lot of discomfort on the sitz bones. Rowing is an excellent exercise for all ages, but some body types have less cushioning in the glutes and can develop some irritation. Also, if you want to row long distances such as a marathon row (which we offer twice a year), then a great cushion is a must.”

    Q: And, really, we must know…what do you like about RowingPad’s erg pads?

    “I decided to sell RowingPads based on my own experience rowing across the Atlantic Ocean.  When you spend a lot of time rowing, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Having discomfort while working out can take a lot away from the experience and turn people off. Plus, we have a lot of regulars that come so consistently that the extra padding makes their experience so much better.”

    Q: How about you? Do you personally use a rowing pad when you row?

    “Oh, yeah. If I am going on a significant row, I definitely bring a pad.”

    Q: Does the studio have any upcoming events we should put on our calendars?

    “Yes! We are doing a charity fundraiser for the month of October to raise money for Respond Inc., Boston’s first crisis center. Teams of two will compete to see who can row the most meters in 31 days. We will have a big party and announce the winners on November 3. We will have a giant check, too.”

    Stop by Power Rowing, located at 62 Harvard Street, Unit B, in Brookline Village, to experience its excellent indoor rowing classes firsthand. And if you, like us, want to hear more about Bryan Fuller’s experience rowing across the Atlantic, keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming book, “Rowing the Atlantic Ocean, a Love Story.”