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  • How to Use Our Non-Slip Boat Pad RowingPad Collection

    How to Use Our Non-Slip Boat Pad Collection

    It’s been just more than a year since we launched our RowingPad product line featuring non-slip technology, and the response has been exceptional.

    Available with the 10MM, 20MM, and now 30MM Boat Pad or as a peel-and-stick add-on to your current RowingPad boat pad, our Non-Slip Technology adds a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Our favorite part? The coating holds firm despite the elements—meaning you can maintain your stability even on those days when you have to race or train in wet or cold conditions.

    How to Apply the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On

    If you row competitively or often in wet conditions, you may have tried numerous DIY methods to add some grip to your seat. But for our non-slip collection, the textured coating is applied directly to the pad—not the seat. This means your new rowing superpower (slip-resistance!) is as portable as your pad versus anchored to one boat.

    Here’s what to expect based on which Non-Slip product you purchase from RowingPad. With the 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, which features a single layer of our resilient firm polymer foam, the non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad. When your pad arrives, you will notice a thin (1/8″ thick) additional layer attached to the underside of your pad. This textured layer is the Non-Slip, and it will help hold your pad in place on the seat of any boat.

    For the 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, the coating comes separately—and here’s why. Our 20MM Boat Pad features a dual-density, soft/firm construction. This means it can be used soft or firm side up depending on personal preference. We ship the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On separately with your order so you can decide which side of the pad you want to apply the coating to. For example, if you prefer a firm cushion, you will apply the add-on layer to the soft side of your pad.

    The coating also currently ships separately with the 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with Non-Slip (our newest addition to the Non-Slip line), which features three incredibly cushy layers of polymer foam in a soft/medium/soft density core. You can apply to either side of the pad as both are the same density.

    The Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On ships as a 1/8″-thick single layer featuring the textured non-slip technology on one side. You can apply it to any RowingPad boat pad you currently own using the peel-and-stick application process.

    The application process is a simple peel-and-stick method. You will find instructions from RowingPad on how to best apply in the shipment with your order.

    Shop the Non-Slip Technology collection now. Available as: 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad); 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately so you can choose whether to apply to the firm or soft side of the dual-density pad); 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately); and Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On (apply to any RowingPad boat pad).

  • Stock Up for Summer Savings!

    Stock Up for Summer Savings!

    Despite the interruptions and restrictions of Covid-19, the long, warm days of summer are here and the rowing community is taking advantage however we can. Sculling down the Merrimack (one of our favorite local New Hampshire rivers). Dragging the rowing machine outside to sweat it out in the fresh air. Cross-training via hike, bike, kayak—you name it, we’re all doing it!

    To help keep the momentum going, RowingPad is offering free U.S. shipping on all orders of $75 or more for the duration of the summer season. Just enter the promo code “RPFREE2020” at checkout.

    This means you can upgrade your gear for both those stunning sunset rows on the water and those fierce ra`iny day sessions on the #erg. Try out our new Non-Slip Technology with our boat cushion collection, designed to add a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Choose from the 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, the 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, or the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On, which allows you to apply a non-slip layer to your current RowingPad cushion for an instant upgrade.

    Regularly suffering from rowing machine aches and pains or raw rump? On the shorter end of the height spectrum? Your geometry could use a little adjustment in the form of an extra inch or so of seat cushion. Try the 20MM ErgPad or the 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad—the only rowing machine seat pad of its kind on the market, with three layers of foam—both available with or without comfort cutouts for the sitz bones. Our pads are specifically designed for the ergometer seat and stay in place to provide a comfortable, stable base for those long endurance pieces.

    Stay strong, fellow rowers! Gear up. Breathe that fresh air. Soak in the beautiful views. Get your blood pumping. Need help? Reach out.

  • The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: On the Water with Dad

    The Perfect Father’s Day Gift: On the Water with Dad

    Our annual Father’s Day listing of great races to head to with your dad this summer continues for 2019, though this year we’ve added a few new ways to share in the excitement of rowing with the guy who raised you.

    We may be (just a bit) biased, but in our opinion quality father-child bonding time doesn’t get much better than sharing in the energy and excitement of a day spent watching live competitive rowing. This time of year, the New England region is chock-full of prestigious, well-run events along some truly scenic waterways, not to mention some major annual events taking place a bit farther afield.

    Why not enjoy a memorable family day at one of the 9 summer regattas and rowing events we’ve rounded up below? Combine your outing with a special Father’s Day gift for your rowing patriarch: a new boat or erg pad. This year you can make him the envy of his boat club with one of RowingPad’s brand-new boat pads featuring Anti-Slip Technology. Already a trusty tool among some of today’s top professional rowers, the pads have a slip-resistant coating that provides stability even in wet or extra cold conditions. If you’re shopping for a regular erg user, you can’t beat the quality and design of our ErgPads, available in several densities and with or without comfort cutouts.

    1) June 15: The Schuylkill Navy Regatta
    Philadelphia, PA

    Stroll back in time as you check out the 15 boathouses, all at least a century old and home to the member clubs of the Schuylkill Navy, that make up historic Boathouse Row along the Schuylkill River. The iconic racing river is undergoing a massive dredging effort this summer to ensure it continues to be a viable waterway for rowing. Though this early summer race is lower profile than some of the other annual fixtures that take place here (see regatta No. 2 on our list), it is rich with America’s rowing heritage and set in Philadelphia’s stunning Fairmount Park.

    2) June 28, 29, and 30: The Independence Day Regatta
    Philadelphia, PA

    Make a pre-Fourth of July pilgrimage to the birthplace of the nation—and the birthplace of American rowing. This annual regatta, one of several hosted by the Schuylkill Navy, dates back to the 1880s and figures prominently in the rich history of the sport in the U.S. What was originally called “the People’s Regatta” has grown into a major competition featuring upwards of 1,000 boats and numerous ancillary activities, including a College Expo for rising seniors. Book a nearby hotel and spend a few beautiful summer mornings along the historic Schuylkill River before setting out for afternoon adventures around Philadelphia with your own crew.

    3) July 3–7: Henley Royal Regatta
    Henley-on-Thames, UK

    Bring your patriotic spirit across the Pond for a last-minute July Fourth escape to this most storied of rowing events. A milestone celebration for the truly passionate lifelong rower, a trip to England for this annual international regatta, which features more than 200 races, can’t be beat. Remember to pack your pinstripes (the dress code remains quite strict) and prepare to soak in all of the wonderfully quaint riverside rowing tradition.

    4) July 9 to July 14: USRowing National Championships
    Bethel, OH

    If your family includes teenagers or college students who are at all interested in racing, make the trip to Harsha Lake in Ohio for this steadily growing summer regatta that showcases the most talented under 17, under 19, intermediate, senior and elite athletes in the country. This year the regatta will expand to 6 days and has dropped “Club” from the title moving forward to reflect the re-integration of elite-level race categories. Stay in Cincinnati, just 25 miles from the lake, for the weekend—the small city might surprise you with all that’s new and cool to see there (for ideas, check out this article).

    5) July 13: USRowing Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Masters Regional Championships
    Lowell, MA

    The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions are some of the most active in the country’s rowing community, so this Masters level championship is sure to feature some excellent racing. The Bellegarde Boathouse at UMass Lowell, the home base for the action, is perched right on the Merrimack River in Lowell Heritage State Park with views of the entire course from the shoreline—a great setting for a day of spectating, picnicking, and riverside sunsets.

    Share an old-timey racing day with Dad at the South End Rowing Club’s Wooden Boat Classic Regatta in San Francisco.

    6) July 27: Wooden Boat Classic Regatta
    San Francisco, CA

    Surprise Dad with a West Coast excursion to a beloved throwback rowing event at the South End Rowing Club’s Wooden Boat Classic. The San Francisco Bay-based club, founded in 1873, maintains a fleet of over 30 boats, including wooden rowboats and Whitehulls, some of which are 100 years old. Enjoy the scene of wooden boat enthusiasts rowing against a backdrop of Alcatraz Island, then tour the South End boathouse, which displays out-of-service wooden shells from years past, including Pocock boats, which your pops may have read about in the book The Boys in the Boat (another fantastic Father’s Day gift idea), about the University of Washington’s journey to the 1936 Olympics.

    7) August 3: Narragansett Boat Club Sweeps & Sculls
    Providence, RI

    Planning for a Brown crew alumnus? Check out the NBC’s annual Sweeps & Sculls regatta, an accessible, centrally located event to plan a family day around. This Rhody rowing club has a fascinating history (which you can read on its website) that will intrigue any passionate rower. The boathouse is perched right on the edge of the Seekonk River, in the Blackstone Park recreation area and upriver of the Brown boathouse. Graduates of that Ivy League rowing program can attest to the Seekonk’s strong currents and choppy waves—any race on this course is sure to be fun to watch.

    8) Ongoing, Indoor Rowing Classes
    Locations Near You

    Maybe your dad is less of an on-water rower and more into the ergometer. Join forces for the day (or make a commitment to meet up for a weekly class) and motivate each other for a personal best. Indoor rowing studios across the country offer first-rate instruction from experienced rowers along with innovative ways to get your muscles pumped and your mind focused. In the New England region, we love Power Rowing, in Brookline, Massachusetts, right outside Boston, which offers a great assortment of straight rowing and combo classes. (Read our interview with Power Rowing’s inspirational founder, Bryan Fuller.) Bonus: You can scoop up a new RowingPad for Dad at the studio to add some extra comfort to his workouts.

    9) June – August: Community Rowing Inc. Programs
    Brighton and Auberdale, MA

    For an on-water, hands-on experience for Dad and the whole family, take your rowing enthusiasm to the boats! Organizations like the excellent Community Rowing Inc. out of Boston are offering more diverse summer programming to get rowers of all age levels and experience out on the water. Let your personal rowing pro teach you the strokes at the two-hour Parent-Child Sculling Sunday, held along the tranquil Upper Charles River. The program runs throughout the summer. Or get your extended family together for the Charles River Rowing League, for 6 weeks of training and (friendly) racing against other groups of 8 to 10, based out of the Harry Parker Boathouse. It will be something you and your family can look forward to doing together every week—a Father’s Day gift that lasts all summer!

    A very happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there—on the boat or off!

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  • Goodbye, Slip and Slide! RowingPad Introduces Non-Slip Boat Pad Technology

    Goodbye, Slip and Slide! RowingPad Introduces Non-Slip Boat Pad Technology

    The RowingPad team is proud and excited to share the launch of our latest product line, which features non-slip technology for the ultimate anti-skid, slip-resistant rowing experience.

    Available with the 10MM or 20MM Boat Pad or as a peel-and-stick add-on to your current RowingPad boat pad, our Non-Slip Technology adds a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Our favorite part? The coating holds firm despite the elements—meaning you can maintain your stability even on those days when you have to race or train in wet or cold conditions.

    You Asked, We Listened

    Our unofficial motto is “designed by rowers for rowers,” and that ethos is at the heart of the non-slip pad’s origination. Our founders have battled against the occasional skid or slip during a race and were determined to find an easy solution that didn’t detract from the other beneficial features of our pads. They also regularly solicit input from the network of expert rowing pros and coaches who turn to RowingPad as their pads of choice, continually looking for ways to improve our products or provide new solutions to common rowing issues. Several of our much-respected friends have tested our new boat pads with Non-Slip Technology and given it enthusiastic reviews.

    We are hopeful that their response is echoed among our early customers and welcome your feedback!

    Shop the Non-Slip Technology collection now. Available as: 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad); 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately so you can choose whether to apply to the firm or soft side of the dual-density pad); and Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On (apply to any RowingPad boat pad).

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  • See You at the 54th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta!

    See You at the 54th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta!

    Fast approaching this weekend is one of the rowing world’s biggest annual events, and certainly the premier calendar fixture for the New England rowing community: the 54th annual Head of the Charles Regatta. Saturday, October 20, kicks off the action, and members of the RowingPad team will be there to cheer on one of our founders (participating in a masters event), our talented RowingPad customers, and all the other incredible rowers taking on the Charles.

    The Head of the Charles began in 1965, as a three-mile head race inspired by racing tradition in England. It has since evolved into the world’s largest two-day regatta, flooding the banks of the legendary Charles River with an estimated 225,000 spectators each fall. This year organizers anticipate 11,000 rowers from across the world, representing more than 800 schools, universities and organizations and 24 countries, to compete in 55 different events for juniors, Olympians, para and masters athletes. The event is expected to generate more than $72 million in spending to the region as visitors descend on Boston and its neighboring towns to be part of history.

    Spotlight on: Women’s Eight

    Some might say there is no obvious contender for this year’s women’s eight champ race, without one loaded boat of international superstars as often happens in this event. But that doesn’t mean the race won’t be riveting. U.S. Rowing has two entries, and, as Row2K so nicely describes, “divided between those two boats are eight of the nine women who won gold in the eight a month ago at the World Championships, and all four of the women who won gold in the four.”

    Then there are the 23 fierce collegiate crews, vying for that surprise win and supremacy among their peers. They seek to do what only three different crews have accomplished in the last seven years: win the women’s champ eights. Who could do it this year? California hasn’t raced HOCR since it won this event in 2015, but they are the reigning NCAA champions. Or maybe Syracuse, with a new head coach and a promising record, could make a strong showing and best them all. We can’t wait to watch.

    Syracuse, courtesy Row2K

    Spotlight on: Women’s Singles

    Near and dear to our hearts here at RowingPad is the women’s championship singles, in which Newtown, Massachusetts, native and Olympic silver medalist Gevvie Stone will attempt her ninth (!!) win in this storied event. A frequent supporter of RowingPad, Gevvie often relies on our pads to keep comfortable and well-positioned in the seat. She has been training hard for HOCR after 14 months of doctoral residency, and we expect only the best from the hometown favorite.

    Other top racers in the women’s champ singles include, according to Row2K, “training partner Mary Jones Nabel, a long-time international competitor and friend Magdalena Lobnig, and the woman who represented the United States in the single scull at this year’s world championships, Kara Kohler, as well as Canadian squad single sculler Carling Zeeman, and Felice Mueller, who finished second in 2018 and took the top Lotmann Challenge honors a week later in Philadelphia.” It’s an impressive group of competitors! Read more about their perspectives on the upcoming race and competing against Gevvie in the full Row2K preview. 

    Gevvie Stone, courtey Row2K

    Spotlight on: Men’s Singles

    This is a loaded year for the popular men’s champ singles event. Will current course record holder and Harvard alum Andrew Campbell make history again? He hasn’t won the HOCR since his surprise 2014 victory, but according to an interview with Row2K, he’s determined to make this the year he get’s back to the winner’s circle. Or will one of the international elite racers—reigning Olympic gold medalist Mahé Drysdale of New Zealand or Olympic silver medalist Damir Martin of Croatia or two-time runner-up in this event American John Grave (pictured above)—vying for the top spot come out ahead?

    As Row2K summarizes: “The 33 rowers entered in the men’s champ singles race hail from six different countries and include five Olympians, three Olympic medalists, four world champions, and two Head of the Charles course record-holders.” It will all come down to who’s in the zone when the moment arrives—and the whim of the Charles.

    American John Graves, courtesy Row2K

    What to Know

    Making your first visit to HOCR? Prepare yourself with Row2K’s excellent guide to this year’s event. It covers everything from what to wear to how and survive on the roads to where to potentially see the most crashes/oar-on-oar conflict (if that’s the sort of thing you enjoy…).

    And it’s worth mentioning that you will find no portable cushion for spectating more comfortable and completely appropriate for the occasion than one of our RowingPad boat or erg pads. If you can’t join in the action this year, at least you can look the part! We hope to see you there!







  • June 2nd Is National Learn to Row Day: Get Out There and Try It!

    June 2nd Is National Learn to Row Day: Get Out There and Try It!

    This Saturday, June 2, 2018, marks the 17th annual observance of National Learn to Row Day, an occasion sponsored by U.S. Rowing and Concept2 in an effort to bring the joy of rowing to people of all ages and fitness levels.

    Across the country, rowing clubs and health clubs will be hosting special events and promotions to increase awareness of the sport and attract new participants. Current competitive and recreational rowers are encouraged to bring friends and family to a workshop, class, or exhibition so they can test the waters (or an ergometer) for themselves.  

    As a company founded by rowers for rowers, RowingPad is passionate about spreading the good word about our sport and its many benefits. To celebrate National Learn to Row Day this year, we are offering free shipping on all purchases for the entire month of June. (Use the code “RPLTR” at checkout.)

    Looking to get involved in a Learn to Row event in the New Hampshire area? Check out our roundup of several great ones taking place this weekend and hosted by some pretty wonderful rowing clubs and organizations in our local area. For those farther afield, check to see if your area has a local rowing club or search for a registered event on the U.S. Rowing website.

    We hope this year’s Learn to Row initiative brings the joy of rowing to many lucky people—both in our backyard and in the many beautiful rowing communities around our country.


    Photo courtesy of Great Bay Rowing Club
    Great Bay Rowing Club (Dover, NH)

    Join the Great Bay Rowing Club at the Dover Boathouse on River Street from 12 to 4 p.m. for special learn to row programs along the banks of the Cocheco River. This wonderful local club, which operates out of both Jackson’s Landing in Durham and Dover and shares facilities with UNH, offers everything from learn-to-row programs and sculling classes for juniors (grades 8 through 12) and adults to competitive racing for all ages and levels. (You might even catch one or two RowingPad representatives there taking part in the on-water fun and checking out the new docks just installed by the boathouse!)

    Essex Rowing Club (Methuen, MA)
    Photo courtesy of Essex Rowing Club

    For those who live closer to the NH-MA border, the Essex Rowing Club is an active, award-winning rowing club committed to providing athletes of all ages the guidance and resources to reach their potential in the sport. This Saturday, get insider access with a boathouse tour and guided introduction on that notorious indoor rowing machine, the erg. Then head out to the scenic Merrimack River for a taste of on-water rowing. The club specifies that absolutely no experience is necessary to participate, saying “Don’t worry, our boats have training wheels!” The free event runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 656 Lowell Street.

    Amoskeag Rowing Club (Hooksett, NH)

    Those along the more northern reaches of the Merrimack River should head to the Amoskeag Rowing Club Boathouse in Hooksett this Saturday for a morning of introductory rowing fun. From 9 to 11 a.m., stop by for a tour of the facilities and some instruction on rowing technique, then hop into a boat for a little on-water lesson. Who knows? You might want to sign up for one of the adult or junior learn-to-row sculling programs on the spot and find yourself participating in the annual Blue Heron Regatta come August. (The club also has a solid FAQ section on its website that might answer any question you have about the sport or the on-water rowing experience in general.)

    Concord Crew (Concord, NH)
    Photo courtesy of Concord Crew

    If you have a young person in your life who has expressed interest in rowing (or perhaps just enjoys the outdoors or water activities in general), head to the Concord Crew event from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday. This nonprofit, competitive regional rowing team based on the Merrimack focuses on teaching boys and girls in grades 8 through 12 sweep oar and sculling, and this weekend it’s hosting an open house for both middle and high school students. Take a tour of the boathouse (located at 15 Loudon Road), try out the rowing machines and even head out on the water with some of the club’s experienced rowers and coxswains to get a feel for the sport. The club emphasizes the team aspect of rowing: “All of the students—boys and girls, everyone from varsity first boat to sixth boat—train together, practice together, race together.”

    Independence Rowing Club (Nashua, NH)

    For those along the Merrimack in southern New Hampshire or northern Mass, stop by the Independence Rowing Club’s newly completed boathouse at 75 Crown Street. From 10 a.m. to noon, the IRC will be offering free instructional rowing out on the water to guests of all ages who are interested in checking out the sport. This well established club, which was founded in 1973 by a handful of competitive rowers from New Hampshire and Massachusetts and counts Olympic and National team rowers among its ranks, offers programs that covers all stages as newbies progress from introductory learning to preparing for popular local head races as well as private lessons. What better way to foster a newfound love for rowing than among some of the sport’s most talented members?

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