Stock Up for Summer Savings!

Stock Up for Summer Savings!

Despite the interruptions and restrictions of Covid-19, the long, warm days of summer are here and the rowing community is taking advantage however we can. Sculling down the Merrimack (one of our favorite local New Hampshire rivers). Dragging the rowing machine outside to sweat it out in the fresh air. Cross-training via hike, bike, kayak—you name it, we’re all doing it!

To help keep the momentum going, RowingPad is offering free U.S. shipping on all orders of $75 or more for the duration of the summer season. Just enter the promo code “RPFREE2020” at checkout.

This means you can upgrade your gear for both those stunning sunset rows on the water and those fierce ra`iny day sessions on the #erg. Try out our new Non-Slip Technology with our boat cushion collection, designed to add a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Choose from the 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, the 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, or the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On, which allows you to apply a non-slip layer to your current RowingPad cushion for an instant upgrade.

Regularly suffering from rowing machine aches and pains or raw rump? On the shorter end of the height spectrum? Your geometry could use a little adjustment in the form of an extra inch or so of seat cushion. Try the 20MM ErgPad or the 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad—the only rowing machine seat pad of its kind on the market, with three layers of foam—both available with or without comfort cutouts for the sitz bones. Our pads are specifically designed for the ergometer seat and stay in place to provide a comfortable, stable base for those long endurance pieces.

Stay strong, fellow rowers! Gear up. Breathe that fresh air. Soak in the beautiful views. Get your blood pumping. Need help? Reach out.