RowingPad™ Offers the World’s First Triple-Decker, Dual-Density Erg Pad

RowingPad offers the world’s first triple-decker, dual-density seat pad for those long-haul erg pieces.

As we head into peak erg season, Spectex LLC, designers and manufacturers of a wide range of boat and erg rowing pads, has recognized the need for a super-thick pad to increase rowers’ comfort during those extra long winter training sessions.

Spectex LLC is an engineered materials design and manufacturing company located in Rochester, NH.

The team there has applied their own experience as competitive rowers to creating a performance-oriented seat solution with a goal of increasing comfort and performance through the use of better materials and improved rowing geometry.

The 30mm pad contains three laminated layers of polymer foam. A medium-density layer is sandwiched between two soft layers. The soft layers add comfort and provide a non-slip grip.

Users of RowingPad products have reported back and sciatica relief.