Goodbye, Slip and Slide! RowingPad Introduces Non-Slip Boat Pad Technology

Anti-Slip RowingPads now available!

Goodbye, Slip and Slide! RowingPad Introduces Non-Slip Boat Pad Technology

The RowingPad team is proud and excited to share the launch of our latest product line, which features non-slip technology for the ultimate anti-skid, slip-resistant rowing experience.

Available with the 10MM or 20MM Boat Pad or as a peel-and-stick add-on to your current RowingPad boat pad, our Non-Slip Technology adds a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Our favorite part? The coating holds firm despite the elements—meaning you can maintain your stability even on those days when you have to race or train in wet or cold conditions.

You Asked, We Listened

Our unofficial motto is “designed by rowers for rowers,” and that ethos is at the heart of the non-slip pad’s origination. Our founders have battled against the occasional skid or slip during a race and were determined to find an easy solution that didn’t detract from the other beneficial features of our pads. They also regularly solicit input from the network of expert rowing pros and coaches who turn to RowingPad as their pads of choice, continually looking for ways to improve our products or provide new solutions to common rowing issues. Several of our much-respected friends have tested our new boat pads with Non-Slip Technology and given it enthusiastic reviews.

We are hopeful that their response is echoed among our early customers and welcome your feedback!

Shop the Non-Slip Technology collection now. Available as: 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad); 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately so you can choose whether to apply to the firm or soft side of the dual-density pad); and Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On (apply to any RowingPad boat pad).

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