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Rower Testimonials

Rowers across the world have improved their sport by using RowingPad™, both on the boat and the erg.
Have you benefitted from using one of our pads? Tell us your story!

“No need to worry about getting painful blisters on my butt anymore! Thanks to my former teammate Victor for designing and producing a tailor-made, cushioned pad that does the job! As an avid rower for the past 50 years, this pad makes my rowing experience, in the boat and on the ERG, a lot more comfortable. That’s especially good for an old guy like me, with a  BONEY BUTT!”

–Peter Karassik
2x Eastern Sprints and National Collegiate Champion, 2x Grand Challenge finalist at Henley Royal Regatta, 1971 U.S. National Rowing Team medal winner, 5x Head of The Charles Regatta medal winner

“Our team loves your rowing pads. We are using them for biomechanics reasons—to put them in a more powerful position at the catch.”

–John Thornell, Girls Head Coach, Stonington Crew
Director of Rowing, Stonington Community Rowing Inc., Connecticut  

“RowingPad allows me to jump into any size boat and maintain leverage and proper blade depth. It’s a great solution for rowers who are height-challenged! The pad does not slip and feels totally secure throughout drive.”

–Maureen Anderson, College Club Seattle
Seattle, Washington 

“Rowing Pads not only provide extra comfort, but the ‘lift’ they offer is unique. Most other cushions compress over time. Rowing Pad is made of a dense material that does not seem to collapse: The ‘shim’ effect that happens on day one is the same effect the rower will have after hundreds of sessions. Form improves and is not compromised again. I’ve not found this consistent level of support in any other product. Rowing Pads also come in multiple thicknesses so the rower can choose the one that gives them the most comfort/best position for their body.”

–Jen Bauer, Row House Coach (and avid rower)
Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek, CA studios  

“The 20mm pad (dense-side up) is not only super comfortable, it enables my 60-year-old, 5’8” frame to sit a little taller on the erg. I like the feeling of having more leverage on top of the flywheel. The athletes I coach love it as well…If you’re looking to get more comfortable, being uncomfortable on the erg, I highly recommend this well-designed pad.”

–Bill Nurge, M.A. Exercise Physiology
Head Coach,
41 World Records (RowERG 34, SkiERG 7)

“I have a short torso and long femurs, so Rowing Pad’s boat pads have really helped me get a bit more body angle as I move into the catch position. Also, I had reconstructive hip surgery, so this helps as my range of motion starts to decline as I get a bit older and creakier. Rowing Pad’s boat pads are extremely durable and long-lasting, which is so important because we row on saltwater, which destroys just about everything. I have seen a huge improvement in our masters rowers who use the boat pads in their increased catch angles and being able to sit up more effectively from their pelvis.”

–Caroline Cahill, Director
East Bay Rowing Club
Oakland, California

“I would like to take a moment to thank you for producing such an excellent product. I searched around for the perfect seat pad and have definitely found it! I had tried gel pads and other types, but none were right. The seat pads from RowingPad are perfect! They have several options for the amount of cushioning needed to suit a variety of rowers. The seat pad stays securely in place when rowing and helps make a long training session much more comfortable! The customer service provided by RowingPad was above and beyond! When I had questions about the proper dimensions and cushioning needed, the representatives answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. It was evident they cared about getting the seat that was right for me. This is a very well-designed product and a wonderful company to work with. My teammates and I thank you again for being a great asset to the rowing community.”

–Eliza Sydney, Asheville Rowing Club
Asheville, North Carolina

“I am an avid rower who rows 8 to 10 miles a day, and I have found the RowingPad to provide a ‘soft’ ride, especially on those longer rows. I suffer from sciatica, and the RowingPad has also helped in easing the pain. I now won’t even consider rowing without my pad.”

–Mike Bannister, Great Bay Rowing Club
Dover, New Hampshire

“The erg has been part of my workout routine for the past 30 years. As the years went by I was always bothered by lower back tightness after every workout. It got to the point where I was only rowing 1 day a week because of the lower back pain. I was turned on to a cushioned rowing pad manufactured by Spectex ( I felt immediate results…no more lower back pain! I even carry an extra one with me in my gym bag for my occasional workouts at the local gym. For any of the ‘older’ rowers still ‘cranking’ on the erg, this accessory is a must!

– John Maslowski
2x Heavyweight Champion Eastern Sprints, 2x Finalist Grand Challenge Henley Regal Regatta, 1975 Member of the US National Rowing Team

“As a Masters rower it is challenging to stay fit and avoid injury. Regular use of my RowingPad has allowed me to return to a high intensity of rowing after other pads failed to help. This design was particularly effective for reducing the strain of hamstring insertion tendonitis. After switching to the products offered by RowingPad, I was able to get back to longer erg rows and also compete again at the NW Masters Regional Championships. I am grateful to Victor who was particularly helpful over the phone in selecting the right product.”

–Christopher Smith, Pocock Rowing Club
Seattle, Washington

“I’ve been rowing for over 35 years and comfort on the water has become really important. The RowingPad is designed by rowers and the cut-outs for the sitz bones are perfect. I leave mine in my boat and never go without it. My daughter is also a high school rower and she uses a RowingPad both for comfort in the boat and to get her a little more height so she can stay as long as the taller people in her boat. All in this is a great product and has become an indispensable piece of gear for me.”

– Sean O’Connell
US National Team Member ’87–’90, Founded and Coached Great Bay Rowing in Durham, NH

“I used my RowingPad in a race over Memorial Day Weekend on the Missouri River. I rowed an EZ-Row rowing system in a canoe. The system uses a Concept 2 seat and your rowing pad fit perfectly. I rowed non-stop for over 8 hours and had no butt burn. Amazing! My friend Jim was also using an EZ-Row in the race but without your pad, and he had serious pain in the posterior. After the race he bought one of your pads. Thanks for a great product.”

–Frank Carr
West Bend, Wisconsin

“I have been a rower for 15-plus years, and this is by far the best seat pad I’ve ever seen/used. It’s comfortable, it floats, and it provides great support to help you sit up taller and not lose circulation in your legs. These days I use a RowingPad in my outrigger canoe and surfski for all of the same reasons and because outrigger and surfski paddling are largely done in the ocean on rough days. The seat pad has taken a beating and still looks brand new. The Spectex team really makes an excellent product.”

–Chris Mulstay
Jacksonville, Florida

“I just got the Triple Decker ErgPad. This is the best invention ever. As a 5’2″ rower, the added height gives me better foot alignment on the erg. Also, having the extra inch or so makes the finish longer. I have previously cut and glued yoga mats together to get some height. I saw a friend with this pad and had to have it! I will be recommending it to others.”

–Carol Hardy
Gold medalist, World Rowing Masters Regatta, 2017, 2018

“With the number of meters I put on my Concept 2, I could not live without my RowingPad. I have never had any trouble with back pain, blisters, or anything else and I can definitely attribute that to my RowingPad.”

–Larry O’Toole
Founder, Gentle Giant Rowing Club, Somerville, Massachusetts
Northeastern collegiate and alumni rower; CRASH-Bs 70+ winner, 2020

“Your rowing pads not only boost our stature in the boat, they boost our confidence, too! In a sport of technical detail and proficiency, a RowingPad gives us an undeniable edge on the competition. And every mm counts! We LOVE them!”

–Laura Nowacki & Ann Panagulias
2021 Masters Nationals Women’s Lightweight 2X Champions,
Events D and E, Oak Ridge, TN