Ultimate Comfort and Performance in Just 10MM: Meet Rowing Pad’s Latest Soft ErgPad

Rowing Pad LLC has introduced a new rowing machine seat cushion: the 10MM Soft ErgPad Solid with Non-Slip (#7800). Constructed from our unique soft-density foam, #7800 is a low-profile pad for rowers who want a soft, solid cushion on the erg but do not need extra height in the seat. A non-slip layer comes already applied to the underside of the pad, providing a sturdy ride during workouts—even when things get sweaty.

As with all Rowing Pad products, the Soft line of rowing accessories is constructed from durable, high-quality polymer foam that can stand up to regular use and still provide incredible cushioning and protection. The 10MM Soft ErgPad joins two other Soft products: the 20MM Soft ErgPad (no longer available) and the 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip (#8500). These pads pair two layers of our soft-density high-performance foam—a soft-soft twist on the classic Rowing Pad dual-density design, which features one firm layer of foam and one soft layer.

Finally: a low-profile pad for rowers who want a soft, solid cushion on the erg but do not need extra height in the seat.


The #7800 has a unique origin story. Our pads are designed for rowers by rowers—with input from some of the sport’s most revered collegiate rowing coaches as well as professional and Olympic athletes. The crew at Rowing Pad also continually seeks feedback from customers to learn how we can improve our offerings. We know, as all rowers do, that no two bodies are the same…yet the equipment we use, both in the boat and on the erg, has limited capacity for adjustment. This is why Rowing Pad offers pads in various thicknesses and density levels.

But the Soft ErgPad line was inspired by customized pads our founder, Northeastern Men’s Rowing alum Victor Pisinski, created for his own personal erg training. He wanted the softest cushion we had in a 20MM height, and at the time, we offered only the dual-density pads. It wasn’t forgiving enough on the sitz bones. That’s how the soft-soft design came to be (we later incorporated comfort cutouts in the design, based on customer input).

After a while, though, Victor realized he did not need the full 20MM in height. He’s a tall, fairly proportional guy—his rowing geometry was fine without a boost. But he didn’t want to sacrifice the cloud-like ride of the Soft 20MM or 30MM Triple Decker pads.

So the 10MM Soft ErgPad Solid with Non-Slip was born. Judging by the immediate response, we are pretty sure many other rowers out there having been waiting for erg pad bliss in a low-profile package as well. We are delighted to provide yet another seat pad choice for indoor rowing enthusiasts and rowers who train regularly on the erg. 

RowingPad designs, manufacturers, and distributes all of our products from our cozy corner of New Hampshire, right here in the USA. It is our mission to continue to provide the highest quality products and attentive customer service as we support the rowing community.