Make a 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad Part of Your Indoor Training Regimen

Whether you are putting in the meters as you prep for a major fall head race or preparing for a successful season of indoor training, there is one essential ergometer accessory you must have at your side this fall and winter: a RowingPad 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad.

Our 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad, available in solid form or with comfort cutouts, is the holy grail of posterior comfort when it comes to rowing machine enhancements.

We’ve specifically engineered this cushion to protect your sitz bones from the pressure of working out on the erg. With three levels of technical-level polymer foam, stacked in a soft/medium/soft arrangement, it’s exceptionally forgiving. Yet its laminated outer layers grip the erg seat to keep you firmly in place while you are cranking away.

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Just like so many of our talented rowing friends and loyal customers have shared in the Praise section of our website or on social media, you, too, might find your form improves—whether that means better alignment, a more powerful drive, or a longer finish—with the extra boost in height on the seat.

Shop the sale now with our limited time discount. Through October 31, save 15% on your new 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad. Use the code “RPERG15” at checkout. Good luck, and may your long set pieces be effective and comfortable!