How to Use Our Non-Slip Boat Pad RowingPad Collection

How to Use Our Non-Slip Boat Pad Collection

It’s been just more than a year since we launched our RowingPad product line featuring non-slip technology, and the response has been exceptional.

Available with the 10MM, 20MM, and now 30MM Boat Pad or as a peel-and-stick add-on to your current RowingPad boat pad, our Non-Slip Technology adds a textured layer to your pad base to help it grip the boat seat and stay put for the duration of your row. Our favorite part? The coating holds firm despite the elements—meaning you can maintain your stability even on those days when you have to race or train in wet or cold conditions.

How to Apply the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On

If you row competitively or often in wet conditions, you may have tried numerous DIY methods to add some grip to your seat. But for our non-slip collection, the textured coating is applied directly to the pad—not the seat. This means your new rowing superpower (slip-resistance!) is as portable as your pad versus anchored to one boat.

Here’s what to expect based on which Non-Slip product you purchase from RowingPad. With the 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, which features a single layer of our resilient firm polymer foam, the non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad. When your pad arrives, you will notice a thin (1/8″ thick) additional layer attached to the underside of your pad. This textured layer is the Non-Slip, and it will help hold your pad in place on the seat of any boat.

For the 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip, the coating comes separately—and here’s why. Our 20MM Boat Pad features a dual-density, soft/firm construction. This means it can be used soft or firm side up depending on personal preference. We ship the Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On separately with your order so you can decide which side of the pad you want to apply the coating to. For example, if you prefer a firm cushion, you will apply the add-on layer to the soft side of your pad.

The coating also currently ships separately with the 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with Non-Slip (our newest addition to the Non-Slip line), which features three incredibly cushy layers of polymer foam in a soft/medium/soft density core. You can apply to either side of the pad as both are the same density.

The Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On ships as a 1/8″-thick single layer featuring the textured non-slip technology on one side. You can apply it to any RowingPad boat pad you currently own using the peel-and-stick application process.

The application process is a simple peel-and-stick method. You will find instructions from RowingPad on how to best apply in the shipment with your order.

Shop the Non-Slip Technology collection now. Available as: 10MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes pre-applied to the pad); 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately so you can choose whether to apply to the firm or soft side of the dual-density pad); 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with Non-Slip (non-slip coating comes separately); and Non-Slip Boat Pad Add-On (apply to any RowingPad boat pad).