How to Care for RowingPad Boat and Erg Pads

How to Care for Your RowingPad

Any rower who frequents a local boathouse or belongs to a collegiate rowing team knows equipment care and maintenance is a critical aspect of participating in the sport. We at RowingPad consider ourselves lucky to be among the essential training gear for thousands of rowers across the country, and even around the world. As more rowers discover our pads, we want to get the word out about the best ways to treat these very special pieces of rowing gear—boat and erg seat pads that provide ultimate comfort and improve rowing performance.

RowingPad seat pads are exceptionally durable, it’s true! Our technical-level polymer foam is of the highest quality. Each cushion is constructed with the utmost attention to detail and designed to withstand the elements and daily abuse that come with both indoor and on water rowing. (Have you tried our non-slip boat pads, which stay in place on the seat even in wet rowing conditions?)

That said, even our pads have their limits. We ask our customers to treat their pads with care. Follow these three simple tips to keep your boat or erg pad in excellent form, row after row.

Tip #1

Store your pad in a cool, dry place. (Avoid spaces that are subject to extreme temperatures and rain, like the car trunk or outside on your deck or patio.)

Tip #2

Wash your pad with mild soap and water. Please do not soak your pad for long periods of time. (This means no trips through the washing machine or stints as a pool tube stand-in.)

Our pads are designed to survive the occasional dip in the river—they even float!—but submerging them in water for long periods of time could, over time, cause the adhesive that holds those precious layers of cushy foam together to break down.

Tip #3

Do not tug on the comfort cutouts while sitting on your pad. Over time, this can cause the foam to tear.

If you tend to do a lot of adjusting before you finally settle in for a long set piece, try to remember to lift your rear first, then reposition your pad. It’s a small change, but it will go a long way in preserving the perfect shape of your backside’s nearest and dearest pal.

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