Get to Know RowingPad, Part 1: Meet the Cult Favorite Rowing Pad Brand Designed for Rowers by Rowers

Want to know more about the elite rowing pad brand that has become the favorite of Olympic athletes, collegiate coaches, and indoor rowing professionals across the country? We would love to share a few interesting facts about our history, our team, our products, and our mission to contribute to the sport we love so much.

DID YOU KNOW? RowingPad was founded by a Northeastern Rowing alum.

Our #GettoknowRP series begins with our founder, Victor Pisinski, who was a member of the men’s rowing team at Northeastern (1968-’71) and a bronze medalist on the 1971 Pan Am Team. Victor spent his college mornings out on the Charles with his crew mates, including his roommate and dear friend, the late rowing coach Larry Gluckman; All-American Rowing Camp founder and rowing legend Jim Dietz; Olympic silver medalist Calvin Coffey; and Gentle Giant Moving Company and lifelong competitive rower and CRASH-Bs winner Larry O’Toole, among many other wonderful people who have become key figures in the rowing world. Many of these talented rowers would become lifelong friends as well as close advisers as Victor’s idea for RowingPad took shape. #howlinhuskies

DID YOU KNOW? RowingPad calls lovely New Hampshire home.

Where are RowingPad’s boat and erg seat pads designed and manufactured? In the heart of rowing country, the great state of New Hampshire!

We love New England and find great inspiration in its many beautiful waterways—from the Cocheco and the Oyster to the Merrimack and the Squamscott, as well as many rivers both along the New Hampshire seacoast and in among the mountains—and excellent local rowing clubs.

DID YOU KNOW? RowingPad is proud to be an American small business.

At RowingPad, we are especially proud to produce all of our products here in America. Design, materials, manufacturing, marketing, shipping—all facets of our business take place on U.S. soil and with U.S. partners.

DID YOU KNOW? Our seat pads come in varying thicknesses—5MM, 10MM, 20MM, 30MM.

No rower is one-size-fits-all, so it follows that seat pads shouldn’t be either. 

RowingPad produces boat and erg cushions in a variety of thicknesses, ranging from our slim 5MM shim pad, which is perfect for adjusting rower height in the boat, to our 30MM boat and erg pads that provide maximum comfort and plenty of height for rowers looking to adjust their geometry. 


When it comes to seat cushions, material matters. For a long-lasting, super-durable product, RowingPad manufactures our pads from high-quality technical foam. It’s resilient, comfortable, and—bonus!—it floats. (Want to know how to care for your trusty RowingPad boat or erg pad? Read our guide here.)

Come back soon for more cool facts about the RowingPad brand as we continue our “Get to Know RowingPad” series. You can keep tabs on our new products, as well as special sales and promotions, by following us on Instagram or Facebook and subscribing to the RowingPad newsletter.