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So…it has come to our attention that quite a lot of our fellow rowers are participating in this crazy thing called Instagram, and that we’ve been missing out on a whole lot of #rowing fun. 

No more! RowingPad is officially on the ’Gram. So follow us, we’ll follow you.

We hope to see the happy rowing faces of our friends far and near, in action on the water or grueling it out on the ergometer. Beautiful sunrise training sessions? Yes, please! (We live in New Hampshire; we live for a good hazy morning row out on the lake.) Training tips? Always welcome. Breathtaking finishes? This sport is all about the drama. Crazy handstands in the boat? What have we been missing? 

For our part, we’ll be sharing pics from the exploits of our crew, whether they’re racing at the Head of the Charles or enjoying a leisurely Saturday at the local boathouse (shoutout to @greatbayrowing). Snaps of our happy customers with their trusty RowingPads. The occasional throwback photo from our glory days. And of course, news and promotions about our boat and erg pads, which—in case you missed it—have quite a following of their own on the national and international competitive rowing circuit. If you happen to love your RowingPad boat or erg pad and want to indulge us with a photo, please do and remember to tag away. 

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