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  • Ultimate Comfort and Performance in Just 10MM: Meet Rowing Pad’s Latest Soft ErgPad

    Rowing Pad LLC has introduced a new rowing machine seat cushion: the 10MM Soft ErgPad Solid with Non-Slip (#7800). Constructed from our unique soft-density foam, #7800 is a low-profile pad for rowers who want a soft, solid cushion on the erg but do not need extra height in the seat. A non-slip layer comes already applied to the underside of the pad, providing a sturdy ride during workouts—even when things get sweaty.

    As with all Rowing Pad products, the Soft line of rowing accessories is constructed from durable, high-quality polymer foam that can stand up to regular use and still provide incredible cushioning and protection. The 10MM Soft ErgPad joins two other Soft products: the 20MM Soft ErgPad (#8000) and the 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip (#8500). These pads pair two layers of our soft-density high-performance foam—a soft-soft twist on the classic Rowing Pad dual-density design, which features one firm layer of foam and one soft layer.

    Finally: a low-profile pad for rowers who want a soft, solid cushion on the erg but do not need extra height in the seat.


    The #7800 has a unique origin story. Our pads are designed for rowers by rowers—with input from some of the sport’s most revered collegiate rowing coaches as well as professional and Olympic athletes. The crew at Rowing Pad also continually seeks feedback from customers to learn how we can improve our offerings. We know, as all rowers do, that no two bodies are the same…yet the equipment we use, both in the boat and on the erg, has limited capacity for adjustment. This is why Rowing Pad offers pads in various thicknesses and density levels.

    But the Soft ErgPad line was inspired by customized pads our founder, Northeastern Men’s Rowing alum Victor Pisinski, created for his own personal erg training. He wanted the softest cushion we had in a 20MM height, and at the time, we offered only the dual-density pads. It wasn’t forgiving enough on the sitz bones. That’s how the soft-soft design came to be (we later incorporated comfort cutouts in the design, based on customer input).

    After a while, though, Victor realized he did not need the full 20MM in height. He’s a tall, fairly proportional guy—his rowing geometry was fine without a boost. But he didn’t want to sacrifice the cloud-like ride of the Soft 20MM or 30MM Triple Decker pads.

    So the 10MM Soft ErgPad Solid with Non-Slip was born. Judging by the immediate response, we are pretty sure many other rowers out there having been waiting for erg pad bliss in a low-profile package as well. We are delighted to provide yet another seat pad choice for indoor rowing enthusiasts and rowers who train regularly on the erg. 

    RowingPad designs, manufacturers, and distributes all of our products from our cozy corner of New Hampshire, right here in the USA. It is our mission to continue to provide the highest quality products and attentive customer service as we support the rowing community.

  • Indoor Rowing Guide: Benefits of Using an ERG Pad

    Indoor rowing is a fantastic exercise option for people of all ages and athletic abilities. Rowers use ergometers, or rowing machines, year-round as a training method, particularly in the winter when on-water rowing is not possible. Outside the sport of rowing, indoor rowing studios exist across the country, providing fun, low-impact workouts along with motivational instruction. Cross-fit gyms also frequently incorporate the rowing machine into their workouts. Why? The erg builds strength and endurance, gets the heart rate pumping, and burns calories. It’s efficient but also low-impact. Very few other workouts pack as much punch into a session.

    Of course, getting started can be tricky. Before you can enjoy your time on the erg, you need to get yourself comfortable, and that’s no easy feat. Rowing machines are rough on the posterior, especially if you have a bony butt. The rowing motion can also feel awkward for beginners, and that’s normal! Finding your ideal rowing form takes a bit of tinkering. If you are short-waisted or short in stature over all, the geometry of rowing for you will be different than it will be for someone who is tall or has a longer torso.

    A rowing seat pad can help with many of these issues. Rowing Pad specifically developed our ErgPads to provide comfort, increase flexibility, and improve a rower’s form by adjusting their height in the seat. While other options on the market are made of gel, silicone, neoprene, or memory foam, our pads are made from a unique, durable high-performance foam that provides support and comfort. Our construction provides a variety of density levels from firm to extra soft, and each pad is available with non-slip technology for ultimate grip in the seat.

    Competitive rowers at all levels—Olympic, collegiate, masters, junior, club—swear by our pads, for more than one reason. Read on to learn the key benefits of using an erg seat pad.

    Benefit #1: Range of Motion

    Finding proper alignment on the erg is an ongoing process—as your body gains or loses strength and flexibility, your ideal rowing geometry changes. Range of motion on the erg involves your seat-to-heel compression and effective body angle—both key to achieving proper body position at the front end (entry).

    We often think of flexibility as something we naturally possess in our youth but lose as we age. But youth does not always equal greater flexibility. In fact, many high school and collegiate rowers struggle with flexibility—something to do with those fast and furious growth spurts!

    When Rowing Pad first developed our pads, we worked closely with coaches at some of the sport’s top rowing programs to ensure our pads do what coaches and athletes need them to: cushion those bony rears, protect the back from impact (see below), and help rowers find their ideal stroke form by adjusting the height of their hips as they sit on the machine.

    A few millimeters can make a huge difference on the erg. A rowing machine seat cushion adjusts your height in the seat. This can help increase your range of motion so you can overcome tightness in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back and row a longer, more complete stroke. A more complete stroke is a more powerful, effective stroke.

    Benefit #2: Back Pain Relief

    Have you ever thought about what happens to back muscles when rowing on water? In the boat, there is a constant up and down motion happening. This is due to the buoyancy of the boat in the water and the changing of your body weight (up and down the slide) and speed of the hull. It provides an opportunity for your back muscles to load and unload throughout the stroke.

    Now let’s think about the rowing machine. A favorite friend of Rowing Pad and master of all things rowing, the late, legendary coach Larry Gluckman, used to explain it like this, and we’ve never done better: “On the erg there is no buoyancy.” There is only hard, firm floor. The spine has no opportunity to unload. “But by rowing with a pad and pivoting on your sitz bones,” he would say, “there can be a bit of unloading, particularly if the athlete swings the body from body angle position to layback.” 

    Rowing Pad uses high-density polymer foam for our pads. Our ErgPad collection creates a thick barrier to absorb a lot of the pressure generated by the erg. This, in turn, provides some relief for your back.

    Benefit #3: Comfort

    Most people first discover Rowing Pad because they are looking for this critical butt pad benefit—comfort! With pads available in 5, 10, 20, and even 30MM thicknesses and choices of dual-density firmness (firm on one side, softer on the other) and twin soft layers, we definitely deliver. 

    Here we believe that if you are not comfortable on your rowing machine…eventually, you will not use it. Simple as that. No two rowers are exactly alike, which means what feels comfortable to one person might not be to the next. Concept2, Water Rower, NordicTrack, RP3 Dynamic, Hydrow—no matter the brand you use, the bottom line is that the seat was not designed specifically for your body.

    A rowing pad can help change that. Adding a layer of cushy material between your sitz bones and the hard machine seat goes a long way in alleviating pressure.

    Not sure where to get started? Try our 20MM Soft ErgPad for ultimate cushion in the seat. With two layers of our soft-density foam, it is one of our top-selling pads and a favorite among indoor rowing enthusiasts. Once you feel more comfortable, you will also feel more positive about each workout and, ultimately, able to row for longer set pieces.

    Looking to order multiple pads for your gym, club, or indoor rowing studio? Reach out for a quote—we offer free logo engraving and personalization on all bulk orders, plus you save on shipping!

  • The 2023 Rowing Pad Holiday Gift Guide

    Wouldn’t it be nice to wrap up all your holiday shopping in just one day, so you can kick back and truly get into the spirit of the season? Maybe log some extra miles toward your Concept 2 Holiday Challenge, make a batch of homemade eggnog or try a new cookie recipe? Then head to the local rowing studio to burn off all that sugar. Catch up on all the cool new rowing-related things happening in pop culture, like the release of the The Boys in the Boat movie, and great books like Goran Buckhorn’s The Greatest Rowing Stories Ever Told and Dan Boyne’s rowing murder mystery, Body of Water, that came out this past spring.

    With the Rowing Pad 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, that relaxed, festive, and totally prepared person can be you! So make up your list of rowers near and dear and consult our guide to find the perfect boar or erg pad for each one. Want to make it extra special? Add personalization at checkout. Don’t forget to take advantage of our holiday promotion: Spend $70 and your order ships free. (No coded needed.)

    See? Thoughtful, useful, easy, and FREE SHIPPING! Here’s you, enjoying the holidays, with the best rowing presents ever arriving in plenty of time to be wrapped. Pour that second cup of nog—you’ve earned it!

    For the Disproportionate Rower:


    If your distinguishing family trait is long legs, short torso, chances are the rower in your life could use some assistance getting their body weight in front of their hips. Why is this important? A powerful drive depends on a rower’s ability to get their shoulders in front of the hips during the recovery, and for rowers with long legs, that can be a struggle. A RowingPad 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with Non-Slip gives just the right amount of boost to help perfect that geometry, with three layers of soft/firm/soft density foam for comfort and preferred level of firmness. The non-slip add-on protects against slipping and skidding, even in wet conditions.

    Take it from national champion masters rowers Laura Nowacki and Ann Panagulias, who are affectionately called “munchkins” by their New Haven Rowing Club mates: “[Rowing Pad’s] rowing pads not only boost our stature in the boat, they boost our confidence, too! In a sport of technical detail and proficiency, a Rowing Pad gives us an undeniable edge on the competition. And every millimeter counts! We LOVE them!”

    For the Indoor Rowing Fan:


    Indoor rowing aficionados know the secret to erg bliss: Surround yourself with a dozen other rowers, an inspirational instructor and a perfectly synced soundtrack and the meters will fly by. For the studio set, a 20MM ErgPad with Comfort Cutouts is 100% guaranteed to delight. With a firm side and a soft side, your recipient can choose what feels best on the seat. Take it from world record holder Bill Nurge, head coach at Hardcore Training Center, “The 20mm ErgPad (dense side up) is not only super comfortable, it enables my 60-year-old, 5’8” frame to sit a little taller on the erg. I like the feeling of having more leverage on top of the flywheel.” Want to add an extra special touch? Personalize the pad with your recipient’s name or personal best—they’ll cherish the engraving and it will make their pad easier to spot in the dark studio.

    For the Comfort Craver:


    Even the toughest rower can hit their personal wall when it comes to the ergometer. Too much ouch gets discouraging! Those who crave some extra comfort factor during rowing machine workouts will love Rowing Pad’s extra-soft ErgPad line. In fact, this ergometer seat pad is so soft, the sitz bones will feel total relief (no comfort cutouts necessary)! The 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip is the ultimate erg training tool, featuring Rowing Pad’s new soft-soft density design along with a layer of proprietary non-slip technology. Textured rubber grips the rowing machine seat for improved slip resistance—even when things get sweaty in the rowing studio. The 20MM Soft ErgPad packs the same double-soft foam without the non-slip layer.

    For the Club Secret Santa:


    Your rowing club is having a holiday party with a white elephant gift exchange. Yankee Swap. Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, this fun but unpredictable holiday tradition puts the pressure on! We’ll make it easy for you: Lean in to your shared passion for the club by ordering up a set of boat pads engraved with something meaningful—the club logo, a recent championship win, a beloved motto, or an inside joke that won’t quit. Pair a 30MM Triple Decker Boat Pad with a 20MM Boat Pad for a classic combo that will suit a range of rower preferences. A guaranteed holiday hit!

    For the Junior Rower:


    Congratulations! Your daughter or son has joined the rowing team at school and is having an amazing time. Except for one thing: He or she frequently complains about a sore rear from all the time spent training on the erg. Even for young rowers, rowing machine workouts can spell major back pain. Why? Our bodies absorb some of the pressure from the hard ground when we work out on a rowing machine. Protect their spine with a technical-level foam seat cushion like 20MM ErgPad Solid.

    The extra height can also help overcome inflexibility, which is common in junior rowers who are growing fast and furiously. A butt pad can help increase their range of motion so they can overcome tightness in the hips, hamstrings, and lower back and row a longer, more complete stroke. One mom told us, “My son is a high school freshman rowing novice who is tall and thin (and still growing). He was really struggling with erg practices and testing due to ischial and low back pain. We tried 3 different products before finding yours. Hallelujah!”

    Alternate product: 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip

    If your rower spends more time in the boat and is groaning about all that carbon fiber contact, try a new boat pad, like the 20MM Boat Pad with Non-Slip. With firm-density foam, comfort cutouts, and protective non-slip technology to keep the seat pad in place, practice will be a breeze come spring training time. Give them the competitive edge and a little TLC—a winning combo!

    For the Masters Rower:


    “Masters” is, for many rowers in this category, a badge of honor. These rowers have put in the work over the years and show no signs of slowing up. But for the masters starting to veer into “Grand Masters” territory, certain issues are unavoidable: bonier butts, aching joints and sitz bones and recurring back pain. As we age, our range of motion can decrease, and rhythms that were once second nature can suddenly start to feel out of whack.

    But that shouldn’t keep career athletes from enjoying their preferred form of exercise. Rowing Pad’s 30MM Triple Decker ErgPad with Comfort Cutouts—featuring our exclusive soft/medium/soft three-layer polymer foam construction—can help restore a rower’s range of motion, thereby maintaining the most effective body angle. The extra benefit is the additional comfort on the rear. This best-selling ErgPad is available as a solid pad or with comfort cutouts.

    For the Rower’s Stocking:


    Need a low-budget treasure for the ergometer buff in your crew? Surprise them with our newest addition to the Non-Slip Collection: the Non-Slip Erg Pad Add-On. An easy upgrade to any Rowing Pad ErgPad, this peel-and-stick application adds a rubber layer of our non-slip technology that will grip the seat and protect against skidding—even when the sweat factor is high. Just maybe don’t actually “stuff” it…treat this baby with care.

    Visit to shop our full collection of boat and erg pads for competitive rowing, recreational rowing, collegiate rowing, juniors rowing, masters rowing, indoor rowing, Crossfit rowing, and more.

  • An Exceptional Learning Opportunity for the Masters Rowing Community

    One of the things we love most about rowing is that it is a sport for all ages. Many of our customers are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s! It’s incredible to see how rowers are able to keep active in the boat and on the erg, and how rewarding it is to participate in regattas, studio classes, and rowing clubs year-round.

    But anyone of an “advanced age” will tell you: The rower’s body at 70 is not the same as it was at 30. While certain adjustments, like adding one of Rowing Pad’s foam seat pads for extra cushion and help with alignment, are simple and effective, much more can be done to prolong your rowing career and advance your rowing outcomes as an older rower.

    Enter this unique and much-needed live webinar from the talented crew at Faster Masters Rowing! Titled “The Older Athlete & Aging,” the conference speaks exactly to the topic of how to row safely, comfortably, and effectively as you age. Rowing Pad is proud to sponsor the webinar and help spread the word to our rowing network.

    “The Older Athlete & Aging”
    Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2023
    Time: 3 pm EST, 12 pm PST, 8pm GMT, 7 am AEDT


    Event Summary: Advancing Older Athletes

    We are the first human generation to have stayed fit and active throughout our lives. And those lives are significantly longer than previous generations. This webinar showcases key information to adjust your training program and rowing technique to make the best possible outcomes for your rowing training. For coaches, learn how to better work with older athletes.

    You Will Learn

    • The needs of rowers through the winter months
    • Adult-oriented Sport Coaching Survey findings: what masters rowers want from their coach
    • 5 popular rowing myths debunked
    • Biomechanics and rowing technique solutions to common problems
    • The masters athlete pathway from novice to age group racing
    • Systems thinking to re-shape masters rowing

    “The Older Athlete & Aging” webinar features insights from some of the sports top coaches and experts on rowing form.

    You Will Meet

    • Jim Dietz is a leading masters coach and also a competitive sculler. He runs camps with All-American Rowing Camp and likes nothing more than sharing his huge expertise illustrated by rowing anecdotes.
    • Volker Nolte is an author and sport scientist specializing in biomechanics and rowing; he’s also a former international and competitive master.
    • Derrik Motz works in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Canada as a senior research assistant in the Coaching Masters Athletes research group. Derrik’s research is on coaching masters athletes and examining masters athlete sport re-engagement and sport identities.
    • Rebecca Caroe is a competitive masters rower and coach. She is the masters representative for Rowing New Zealand and advocates for masters rowing globally.

    Register today at Faster Masters Rowing for this invaluable learning opportunity.

    Sign Up Now
  • Don’t Miss These New England Fall 2023 Regattas and Rowing Events

    Fall is jam-packed with rowing opportunities—find one near you and register today!

    October is peak rowing season here in New England. The trees are ablaze with color, and the waterways offer up misty mornings and crisp, gleaming afternoons that make perfect backdrops for rowing. From classic local regattas full of personality and heritage to the international highlight that is the Head of the Charles, there is truly a race for everyone.   

    As supporters of rowers local (RowingPad is a proud sponsor of Great Bay Rowing’s juniors program) and international, we follow each of these autumnal events with equal enthusiasm and even, when we can, take part in some respectable masters and alumni racing. 

    Grab your calendars and start planning out your remaining weekends! Here are some excellent rowing events taking place across New England for the rest of fall 2023. We hope to see you at one or more!

    Rowers launch from the Donahue Rowing Center on Lake Quinsigamond. Photo courtesy the Quinsigamond Rowing Club website.

    Quinsigamond Snake Regatta, October 7, 2023

    Lake Quinsigamond is a rowing haven, nestled between the city of Worcester and the town of Shrewsbury in Worcester County, Massachusetts. The 4-mile-long lake, formed by glaciers, at times resembles a river, with a deep, narrow northern section and a more shallow southern basin full of coves and islands. We can’t say for certain, but we’d guess its winding shape is how the Snake Regatta, hosted by the Quinsigamond Rowing Association, got its name.

    A traditional head-style race, the course is approximately 2.5 miles. Rowers begin at Sugarloaf Island and finish at the Donahue Rowing Center, located at the lake’s north end. The regatta is for collegiate crews (and eligible alumni), attracting many of New England’s top racing programs (16 clubs have entered this year)—many of which call Lake Quinsigamond home (e.g., College of the Holy Cross, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Clark University, among others).

    Head of the Housatonic regatta in Connecticut
    The Head of the Housatonic is one of the largest single-day regattas in the U.S. Photo courtesy of New Haven Rowing Club.

    Head of the Housatonic, October 7, 2023

    This unique and tightly organized head race hosted by the New Haven Rowing Club takes place at Indian Well State Park along Connecticut’s Housatonic River. This year 98 clubs are registered to participate, which means the shores of the river will be lined with team tents and spectators, who arrive by shuttle from off-site parking lots.

    We’ve seen plenty of regattas in our day, but the Head of the Housatonic Regatta, held in the southern reaches of Shelton, Connecticut, offers a different kind of race format. Competitors launch from the sandy beach by walking boats into the water (there is no dock). Boats follow a very specific traffic pattern involving colored buoys and must adhere to “right of way” guidelines (or suffer the consequences, which are assessed in the form of 10-, 20-, and 60-second penalties). This race demands your full focus in more ways than one! Watch this cool video on the NHRC site for a glimpse at all the action.

    Photo courtesy Amoskeag Rowing Club’s NH Championship Regatta, via Facebook

    New Hampshire Championships George Dirth Memorial Regatta, October 15, 2023

    What better way to warm up for one of the world’s most famous head races (HOCR) than with another intense, widely renowned fall rowing competition? Up for the challenge? Then head to the George Dirth Memorial Regatta, which takes place the weekend before Head of the Charles and has the distinction of being the largest New England rowing event north of Boston. How large? More than 2,000 athletes rowing nearly 400 sculling and sweep boats. 

    Hosted by the Amoskeag Rowing Club in Pembroke, New Hampshire, the 3-mile head race begins upriver on the Merrimack and finishes at Memorial Park. In addition to providing a wonderful day of racing in a beautiful fall setting, this event awards a New Hampshire Cup team trophy for the best overall team performance and is raced in memory of George Dirth, a former Amoskeag club member and rower at Derryfield and Oregon State University who died tragically at the young age of 27. Registration has reached capacity, but a waitlist is available.

    Painting of Head of the Charles rowing event.

    Head of the Charles, October 20-22, 2023

    Since 1965, this beloved annual head race has been delighting spectators and competitors alike with its top-level racing and most scenic environs of the Charles River. With its prestigious roster of athletes and charming Boston backdrop, who could resist? This year 803 clubs have registered, with 2,598 entries, according to the Head of the Charles event page on Regatta Central. 

    One special moment scheduled to take place amid the rowing action is a ceremony for the 2023 National Rowing Hall of Fame® inductees. The announcement will take place Saturday, October 21, at 4 p.m. at the National Rowing Foundation tent. This year’s roster includes some of rowing’s finest female rowers, including all of the gold medal U.S. women’s eights from 2009 to 2012. Find more details on Hear the Boat Sing.

    Rowing Pad’s founder, Victor Pisinski, a Northeastern rowing alum, has quite a streak of participation in the event, in which he debuted during year three. This year he will once again return to the river basin in the Men’s Grand Master Eights, taking place Saturday morning, accompanied by a crew of rowing compatriots eager to give it their all for 2023. 

    If you see him there, give him a big cheer (and ask to check out a Rowing Pad seat pad while you’re at it!).

    Photo courtesy Quinsigamond Rowing Club website.

    Wormtown Chase, October 28, 2023

    A regular last fall season hurrah for collegiate programs in the region, the Wormtown Chase is the longer of the two head races held on Lake Quinsigamond each autumn. (The Snake Regatta, listed above, is the other.) The Chase is also a relatively new fixture on the New England regatta calendar; the inaugural race took place in 2019 and was conceived as a way to offer a head race opportunity for masters rowers as well as a second fall event for schools.

    Both college crews and masters now flock to the four-mile lake between Worcester and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, for the 3.25-mile head race. The course begins at Quinsigamond State Park beach, proceeds south around Coast Guard and Blake Islands, and finishes at the Donahue Rowing Center.  Why “Wormtown,” you might be wondering? Apparently this is a nickname for Worcester—one that can ignite debate, so be warned—coined by a local DJ in the 70s to refer to the city’s underground music scene.

  • Visit Your Local Boat Club for National Learn to Row Day, Saturday, June 3, 2023

    Saturday, June 3, 2023, marks the annual celebration of National Learn to Row Day, a tradition organized by U.S. Rowing in an effort to introduce the sport of rowing to people of all ages and fitness levels. This year’s theme is “Opening the Boathouse Doors,” which encourages rowing clubs to focus on inclusivity and diversity.

    For rowing groups eager to host a Learn to Row event this year, U.S. Rowing has assembled resources for planning and advertising to your local community. It is also incorporating a few challenges and giveaways into the mix to motivate clubs and their members to get into the LTR spirit. Starting May 25, rowing groups can create National Learn to Row recruitment videos for the chance to win a brand-new set of Concept 2 Oars. Another sweepstakes invites people to share why they row on Instagram as an entry to win a brand-new Concept 2 RowErg machine. (Follow U.S. Rowing on Instagram for more details.)

    As a company founded by rowers for rowers, Rowing Pad is passionate about spreading the good word about our sport and its many benefits. Rowing connects you to nature and provides a full-body workout. Even if you don’t think you have access to a waterway for rowing nearby, you might be surprised to learn that a rowing club is operating somewhere not too far—many different types of rivers, lakes, bays, inlets, and more can be used for rowing. It’s an excellent activity for teens in search of a challenge and plenty of camaraderie. And of course, rowing is equally rewarding for adults of all ages—our community is incredibly welcoming!

    Rowing Pad’s home state of New Hampshire has a rich rowing heritage, with high-energy high school and collegiate programs and an abundance of scenic waterways. Many local clubs go to great lengths to connect with potential new participants in their communities and make rowing accessible for all. Check out our roundup of regional Learn to Row events taking place June 3, 2023. (Tell them your friends at Rowing Pad sent you!)

    Looking to row in another location? Use U.S. Rowing’s map (featured toward the bottom of the LTR site) to find a boat club near you and check out the offerings for new rowers. 

    Don’t miss this opportunity to try something new or to share your love for rowing with someone you think might enjoy it. Happy rowing to all for the 2023 Learn to Row. Always remember to grab your Rowing Pad boat or erg pad before setting off on your next rowing adventure.


    Join Great Bay Rowing Club at the Dover Boathouse on River Street from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on June 3. Along the banks of the Cocheco River, GBR coaches and athletes will provide tours of the docks and boathouse, teach the basics of the rowing stroke on the erg (rowing machine), and get willing participants out in a boat to test their new skills on the water. This wonderful non-profit local club offers everything from learn-to-row programs and sculling classes for juniors (grades 8 through 12) and adults to competitive racing for all ages and levels. It also has adaptive rowing equipment available. The positive energy at GBR will surely win you over—check out the Instagram account to catch up on the recent accomplishments of their members, including a program-best showing at the 2023 Northeast Youth Championships.


    Those along the more northern reaches of the Merrimack River have a great rowing resource in the Amoskeag Rowing Club, which operates out of its boathouse in Hooksett. From 9 to 11 a.m., you can stop by for an open house, tour of the facilities, and some instruction on rowing technique, then hop into a boat for a free on-water lesson. Who knows? You might want to sign up for one of the adult or junior learn-to-row sculling programs on the spot and find yourself participating in the annual Blue Heron Regatta come August.


    To celebrate Learn to Row 2023, this nonprofit, competitive regional rowing team based on the Merrimack will be holding an open house for middle and high school students as well as adults. Concord Crew, with its youth programming for boys and girls in grades 8 through 12, has a long tradition of teaching kids sweep oar and sculling technique. Now the club has added both adult recreational and competitive masters programs to its offerings! Stop by on Saturday, June 3, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. to take a tour of the boathouse (located at 15 Loudon Road), talk to the coaches, try out the rowing machines, and even head out on the water with some of the club’s experienced rowers and coxswains to get a feel for the sport.


    Squam Community Rowing makes it home base on Squam Lake, a smaller but equally scenic neighbor to Lake Winnipesaukee. This excellent local club was established in 2013 to bring together individuals with a passion for rowing, maintain lifelong fitness and protect the natural beauty and peaceful character of Squam Lake. On Saturday, June 3, Squam Community Rowing will open its doors to people of all ages interested in the sport. Meet the members and get familiar with the boats and rowing terminology. Attendees 18 years and up can test out an erg machine and hopefully even hop into a boat to explore Pipers Cove. Looking for a more in-depth introduction to rowing? Check out the club’s 2-session Learn to Row program for 2023, which kicks off the week of June 5. You can sign up during Saturday’s event. In an area defined by its serene bodies of water, the cost seems well worth it to explore a sport that allows you to enjoy them from a new perspective.


    Visiting the Upper Valley Rowing Foundation on June 3 is sure to give anyone interested in rowing a complete view into the fun and camaraderie that comes with belonging to a local boat club. For this active nonprofit rowing club, located about 2 miles north of Hanover, this Saturday marks the season kick-off, which involves Learn to Row programming. The full day of events kicks off at Kendal Riverfront Park at 7 a.m. with a race for U23 rowers, followed by a “Smackdown” that mixes masters and juniors rowers for some friendly competition. Next up is the christening of several new boats and a potluck brunch. From noon to 2 p.m. the official Learn to Row programming gets under way, with rowing basics, a coach’s meet-and-greet, and the opportunity to get out in the boats for a turn on the river. UVRF offers recreational sweep and scull classes for newbies through masters level as well as competitive juniors and masters programs, and a unique rowing program for cancer survivors called, CReW: Cancer Recovery through Rowing. Don’t miss this chance to explore the beautiful Connecticut River with an awesome community of rowers.

  • A Visit to All-American Rowing Camp

    Few things are as enticing to a masters’ rower braving the chilly New Hampshire winter as an invitation to escape to sunny DeLand, Florida, for a week among rowing pals. Luckily for our founder, Victor, just such an opportunity came earlier this year, and he jumped at the chance to head down to the home of All-American Rowing Camp, owned and operated Jim Dietz and Mark Wilson. Rowing Pad supplies boat pads to the camp for participants to use while improving their sport, but this was Victor’s first in-person visit.

    For those who are unacquainted with All-American Rowing Camp, it is truly a unique company. Dietz and Wilson founded the camp in 1999 as a way to bring high-quality coaching anywhere it was needed. They customize each camp and clinic for the group (be it a club or a school) and impart an enormous amount of skill and technical growth in a short amount of time. Hosting All-American Rowing Camp at your home base eliminates the need for travel and lets rowers learn in their own boats, on their own water.

    For those who want a trip to a warm destination during the winter months, All-American Rowing Camp welcomes groups to its HQ in DeLand, Florida, for off-season training. The atmosphere is upbeat and supportive—groups often eat dinner together and have plenty of bonding time—but the rowing work is serious and effective, with 3 rows per day and video reviews. Though Victor was visiting as a guest and not an official camp attendee, he still experienced many of the elements that make rowing with Jim and Mark such a memorable time.

    Rowing Pad founder Victor Pisinski with All-American Rowing Camp co-founder Jim Dietz

    During his February visit, Victor captured some beautiful footage of Jim Dietz returning from a morning row. Quite the setting! We highly recommend All-American Rowing Camp for your club or school’s next training adventure.

  • The Rowing Pad 10-Year Anniversary Sale Is On!

    Spring rowing season is in full swing and so is our 10-year anniversary celebration. For a limited time only, we’re offering FREE U.S. SHIPPING and FREE PERSONALIZATION on all orders, no minimums required. Enter the code “RP10FREE” at checkout.

    April 2023 marks ten years since our founder, Victor Pisinski, set out on a mission to design a better rowing pad. Armed with valuable input from some of the sport’s top rowing coaches and athletes, and using his own experience as a collegiate rower for Northeastern, Victor used his knowledge of materials manufacturing to create the ultimate foam pad. The result was a rowing pad that provides comfort but also technical enhancement. Grip on the seat. Optional comfort cutouts. A variety of thicknesses and densities. Durable foam that can stand up to daily use. Non-slip coating for slip resistance in wet conditions. Pretty exceptional, right?

    Help us celebrate this special milestone in Rowing Pad’s history! Personalize a pad as a gift. Upgrade your pad to a non-slip version. Try something new—a little more height in the seat, or an ErgPad for off-season training. Maybe from our new extra-soft ErgPad collection? Stocking up for a rowing club or school program? We would love to support your team with discounted bulk pricing and free logo engraving. (Contact us here for a quote.) As always, row in good company and good health!

    For a limited time only, enjoy free U.S. shipping and personalization on all orders. Promo code: RP10FREE

  • The 2023 CRASH-B Sprints Takes Place March 5

    Today, we are lucky to enjoy winters jam-packed with indoor events. From the annual Erg Sprints to the USRowing Indoor National Championships, there is something for everyone, at every level of our sport. But for many years, when it came to large-scale indoor rowing championships, there was only one name in the game, and that was the legendary CRASH-B Sprints. As a New England tradition, it will always hold a special place in our heart here at Rowing Pad.

    This year, the CRASH-Bs returns to an in-person format in a new location: the Track at New Balance, in downtown Boston. Rowing Pad will be there as a sponsor—you should be, too! Sunday, February 26, is the deadline to register. (Head over to Regatta Central ASAP to sign up.)

    A CRASH-Bs Primer

    Each year the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships brings together rowers of all ages and abilities for a day dedicated to that beast of a training machine: the ergometer. The performances are often the stuff of legend, as athletes set new records and push themselves to the limit! 

    For those who don’t know the backstory, CRASH-B stands for “Charles River All Star Has-Beens,” a group of 1976-1980 U.S. Olympic and World Team athletes who called the Charles River home and were always looking to inject a little fun into their sport. Following the 1980 U.S. boycott of the Olympics, the crew felt inspired to, as the group’s website explains, “break up the monotony of winter training” by forming a “fun little regatta of about twenty rowers in Harvard’s Newell Boathouse” all based around the ergometer.

    “Although C.R.A.S.H.-B. as an organization maintains a nontraditional irreverence to all things that are not fun, nonetheless this ergometer has become serious business, threatening to replace fun with pain, unless you can equate the two.”

    Words to Row by from the Crash-Bs Website

    Today the “fun little regatta” draws thousands of athletes to go all-out for 2,000 meters on Concept2’s Model D ergometer. At stake? Records, medals, and above all, for the top winner in each event—the highly coveted hammer, the signature CRASH-B trophy. Despite location changes and the emergence of other major indoor sprint competitions across the country, the CRASH-Bs remains a rowing institution.

    Stop by the Rowing Pad Table

    We are proud to announce that RowingPad will again be part of the action for 2023. Stop by our table during the event to check out our ErgPads and Boat Pads in person. It’s a great chance to test our 30mm Triple Decker ErgPad, which is truly one-of-a-kind in the rowing universe: It is the only pad in the world to combine three laminated layers of polymer foam, providing maximum comfort for those long-haul erg pieces. We’ll also have pads from our new Soft ErgPad line on hand: You won’t believe how great the extra cushion feels on these double-layer soft-density pads.

    Our founder Victor, left, catches up with former rowing mate and Crash-Bs top finisher Larry O’Toole

    Our cheerful crew will be eager to swap rowing stories and help you determine which pad is the best fit for your needs. Planning ahead for spring on-water training? Scope out our boat pads, which come in a wide range of thicknesses and with our proprietary Non-slip Add-on layer to prevent slipping on the seat in those wet spring and racing conditions.

    The action begins in just over a week and we are eager to be there bright and early in person. Best of luck to all the determined CRASH-B sprinters!

  • Rowing Pad Q&A: East Bay Rowing Club Director Caroline Cahill

    One of the best parts about selling rowing pads is getting to know the rowers we meet and the ways our products have made a difference in their practice—on the erg, in the boat, and often, both. We recently worked with East Bay Rowing Club on a group order for boat and erg pads personalized with the EBRC logo and individual rowers’ names. The members made an immediate impression on our crew with their cheerfulness and passion for the Oakland-based rowing organization. Once we learned more about EBRC’s special mission to expand access to rowing and its efforts to promote inclusivity in the sport, we knew we had to help shine a spotlight on this standout club.

    GET TO KNOW: East Bay Rowing Club

    Based in: Oakland, California

    Program director: Caroline Cahill

    Rowing Pad: How many members does East Bay Rowing Club currently have?

    Caroline Cahill: EBRC offers both masters and juniors rowing programs. Our masters team races under East Bay Rowing Club and has about 160 members. Our junior rowing program is open to all Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) students and races under the team Oakland Tech Rowing (OT Rowing). We have about 50 juniors who represent 4 OUSD high schools.

    RP: Does the club have a mission or motto?

    CC: We’re the home of community rowing in Oakland and the East Bay. We value the rich diversity of the communities we serve and aspire to provide a sense of belonging.

    RP: Sounds like a special place. What is the vibe at the boathouse? 

    CC: We have both competitive and recreational rowing teams, so we like to have fun AND go fast!

    Some members of Oakland’s East Bay Rowing Club gather together by the Oakland Estuary.

    RP: How long have you personally been involved with EBRC?

    CC: I initially joined EBRC as a rower for our women’s competitive team in 2017. I started having more of an interest in helping the organizational capacity of EBRC and OT Rowing, so I joined as program director in August of this year [2022].

    RP: They are lucky to have you. Tell us a little about rowing on the Oakland Estuary. 

    CC: In beautiful California, we’re lucky to be able to row on the water all year round! The Oakland Estuary is also a commercial waterway, and the Coast Guard is one of our neighbors. That means we occasionally get to see Coast Guard cutters making their way to the ocean. The wildlife is also special—we’ll row beside sea lions, pelicans, and egrets.

    RP: What advice do you commonly give to people who are just learning to row?

    CC: The boat and oars know what to do, so just take a deep breath, hold on, use your legs, and let the boat be a boat. Also, everyone should be engaging and strengthening their pelvic floor—it is not only important for the health of all individuals, but especially important for rowers to protect their low back and maintain core connection from the catch to the finish. So do your kegels!

    RP: Who makes up the coaching staff at EBRC?

    CC: We have coaches who have been involved in rowing their entire lives. Rowing is truly a sport where you can foster a lifelong commitment. Our coaches have everything from junior, college, and national team rowing and coaching experience. We’re lucky to have such dedicated individuals who wish to inspire and give back to rowing through community programs and learn-to-rows.

    The boat and oars know what to do, so just take a deep breath, hold on, use your legs, and let the boat be a boat.

    Caroline Cahill, EBRC director

    RP: EBRC held a first-time regatta this year called Boats Without Barriers. How did it go?

    CC: Boats Without Barriers was such a special regatta! We’re thrilled to be able to say it will now be an annual event. Boats Without Barriers: Out in the Bay Regatta—that’s the official name—took place for the first time on Saturday, August 20, 2022, celebrating being out in the Bay.

    EBRC developed this regatta to boycott USRowing’s Masters National Championships, which was scheduled to take place in Florida. Attending Florida-based events, as long as the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” law remains in effect, is at odds with the EBRC mission—to make the sport of rowing accessible and welcoming to anyone who is interested, regardless of identity. BWB was such an amazing success. We had teams from all over California and independent rowers races. DC Strokes, the first LGBQT+ rowing club in the U.S., also made the trip out from Washington, D.C., to race and support our mission.

    RP: Incredible. Any other programs or events people should know about?

    CC: Every year we hold our annual OT Rowing Erg-a-thon, which raises funds to make junior rowing accessible to all Oakland public school students. The money goes toward scholarships, covering race fees, uniforms, and equipment for our junior rowing program. Our junior program is one of three public school rowing programs on the West Coast, and we have the lowest participation fees of all rowing clubs west of the Mississippi. People can still donate to our GoFundMe page [donate here], and we are listed on corporate matching websites Benevity and CyberGrants.

    The excellent East Bay Rowing logo looking good on our new 20MM Soft ErgPad with Non-Slip.

    RP: What do you personally love about the sport of rowing?

    CC: I love that rowing can be a part of your life from high school through your 80s or beyond. I love that you can always chase getting more technically proficient or faster. And I love that you can make lifelong friends through your teammates!

    RP: Agreed, with all three! Before we say goodbye, we must know: How are Rowing Pad’s boat and erg pads making a difference for the EBRC members? 

    CC: Personally, I have a short torso and long femurs, so Rowing Pad’s boat pads have really helped me get a bit more body angle as I move into the catch position. Also, I had reconstructive hip surgery, so this helps as my range of motion starts to decline as I get a bit older and creakier. Rowing Pad’s boat pads are extremely durable and long-lasting, which is so important because we row on saltwater, which destroys just about everything. I have seen a huge improvement in our masters rowers who use the boat pads in their increased catch angles and being able to sit up more effectively from their pelvis. 

    To learn more about East Bay Rowing Club or to support its efforts, visit