Designed and Manufactured BY Rowers For Rowers

About RowingPad™

RowingPad LLC was founded by a lifelong competitive rower who had an idea for making a rowing seat pad that would do more than cushion: It would enhance a rower’s performance. As a founding member of materials engineering, design, and manufacturing company Spectex LLC, this rower also knew a thing or two about technical foam and applied the company’s significant capabilities to design this game-changing rowing tool. Now, after many great years of manufacturing synergy, RowingPad LLC is its own company, producing the perfect rowing pad—by rowers for rowers.

Supports Coaching Techniques

Boat and shim pads of varying densities provide flexibility to precisely adjust rowing team seat heights while also improving rowers’ position geometry to generate optimal rowing power.

Can Help Relieve Back Stress

Uniquely designed dual-density Spectex™ polymer foams provide long duration comfort, while optional cutouts are designed to fit the sitz bones.

Varying Pad Thickness and Density

Choose the best fit, for the boat or erg. Our range of pad thicknesses and density combinations include 5mm, 10mm, 20mm and 30mm and come with and without cutouts.

Experience the rowingpadtm Difference