An Exceptional Learning Opportunity for the Masters Rowing Community

One of the things we love most about rowing is that it is a sport for all ages. Many of our customers are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s! It’s incredible to see how rowers are able to keep active in the boat and on the erg, and how rewarding it is to participate in regattas, studio classes, and rowing clubs year-round.

But anyone of an “advanced age” will tell you: The rower’s body at 70 is not the same as it was at 30. While certain adjustments, like adding one of Rowing Pad’s foam seat pads for extra cushion and help with alignment, are simple and effective, much more can be done to prolong your rowing career and advance your rowing outcomes as an older rower.

Enter this unique and much-needed live webinar from the talented crew at Faster Masters Rowing! Titled “The Older Athlete & Aging,” the conference speaks exactly to the topic of how to row safely, comfortably, and effectively as you age. Rowing Pad is proud to sponsor the webinar and help spread the word to our rowing network.

“The Older Athlete & Aging”
Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2023
Time: 3 pm EST, 12 pm PST, 8pm GMT, 7 am AEDT


Event Summary: Advancing Older Athletes

We are the first human generation to have stayed fit and active throughout our lives. And those lives are significantly longer than previous generations. This webinar showcases key information to adjust your training program and rowing technique to make the best possible outcomes for your rowing training. For coaches, learn how to better work with older athletes.

You Will Learn

  • The needs of rowers through the winter months
  • Adult-oriented Sport Coaching Survey findings: what masters rowers want from their coach
  • 5 popular rowing myths debunked
  • Biomechanics and rowing technique solutions to common problems
  • The masters athlete pathway from novice to age group racing
  • Systems thinking to re-shape masters rowing

“The Older Athlete & Aging” webinar features insights from some of the sports top coaches and experts on rowing form.

You Will Meet

  • Jim Dietz is a leading masters coach and also a competitive sculler. He runs camps with All-American Rowing Camp and likes nothing more than sharing his huge expertise illustrated by rowing anecdotes.
  • Volker Nolte is an author and sport scientist specializing in biomechanics and rowing; he’s also a former international and competitive master.
  • Derrik Motz works in the School of Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa, Canada as a senior research assistant in the Coaching Masters Athletes research group. Derrik’s research is on coaching masters athletes and examining masters athlete sport re-engagement and sport identities.
  • Rebecca Caroe is a competitive masters rower and coach. She is the masters representative for Rowing New Zealand and advocates for masters rowing globally.

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