Row Like a Pro

RowingPad™ provides comfort while improving reach, performance and endurance—
in the boat and on the erg.


Our mission is to offer uniquely designed rowing seat pads for boat use as well as pads for ergometer use. We offer a range of pad thicknesses and combinations of pad densities that provide users flexibility in use as well as ultimate fit comfort. Some users even report stress relief on their backs and sciatica.

It is also our goal to recognize and support scholastic and club coaching techniques. Our range of boat and shim pads of varying densities allows coaches to adjust precisely the heights of team rowers on board. Seat height adjustments also improve rowers’ position geometry, creating more effective catch/drive position for optimal rowing power.


30mm Triple Decker ERGPad™


As a Masters rower it is challenging to stay fit and avoid injury. Regular use of the RowingPad has allowed me to return to a high intensity of rowing after other pads failed to help. This design was particularly effective for reducing the strain of hamstring insertion tendonitis. After switching to the products offered by RowingPad, I was able to get back to longer erg rows and also compete again at the NW Masters Regional Championships. I am grateful to Victor who was particularly helpful over the phone in selecting the right product.

Christopher Smith, Pocock Rowing Club (Seattle, WA)

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