The Non-Slip Collection

Grips the seat, even in wet conditions.


Our mission is to offer uniquely designed rowing seat pads for boat use as well as pads for ergometer use. We offer a range of pad thicknesses and combinations of pad densities that provide users flexibility in use as well as ultimate fit comfort. Some users even report stress relief on their backs and sciatica.

It is also our goal to recognize and support scholastic and club coaching techniques. Our range of boat and shim pads of varying densities allows coaches to adjust precisely the heights of team rowers on board. Seat height adjustments also improve rowers’ position geometry, creating more effective catch/drive position for optimal rowing power.

RowingPad at the Tokyo Olympics!


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” I started out on butt pads in college because of my femur:torso ratio, and I haven’t gone without one since.”

Gevvie Stone, Silver Medalist, 2016 Olympic Rowing Team, 8x Champion Head of the Charles

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